2015 Daily Highs

2014 Daily Highs calendar print design

I often think about the changing seasons and temperature shifts in my city of Toronto in relation to colour. So for this calendar I used 4 years of climate data from Environment Canada to map the daily high temperatures to a colour grid. Each day of the year shows the historical data of 4 temperatures by colour. Spring temperatures use a green-yellow palette, with autumn temperatures in a burgundy-purple palette. It’s fascinating to me to see the gradual shift in colour palette, but also the abnormal highs and lows that pop up throughout the year.

Prints available through Spoonflower.

Petro-Canada: Ways to Save on Fuel

Ways to Save on Fuel Infographic

Design of infographic to illustrate various ways to save fuel costs when driving. Created for Petro-Canada’s Pumptalk™ blog.
Visit: pumptalk.ca/ways-to-save-on-fuel.html

Daylight Hours 2012

Daylight Hours 2012